Episode 3: Sabrina Aisenberg

Sabrina Aisenberg went missing on November 24, 1997.  She went missing from her home in Tampa, Florida. She was 5 months old at the time of her disappearance. Mrs. Aisenberg was getting up to get her 2 older children ready for school like she always did. At 6 am on November 24, 1997,  Marlene Aisenberg woke up and went into her kitchen. She was surprised to find the laundry room door to the garage was open. She ran to her baby's room only to discover that Sabrina and her favorite yellow blanket had vanished.

The police quickly focused in on the Aisenbergs as the main suspects in their daughter's disappearance.  Although, there was no evidence of foul play on the part of Sabrina's parents. The Aisenberg's were later indicted on federal perjury charges but those charges quickly fell apart.  The Aisenbergs moved from their Tampa home to Maryland at Steven's house that he grew up in. They still maintain even 20 years later that their daughter was kidnapped. If you have any information about Sabrina's disappearance, please contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office at 813-247-8200.

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